Josh Groban - Believe Lyrics

Here is got to be the all time best artist with the best song from the best christmas movie. I love Josh! Josh Groban - Believe Lyrics


Heidi Klum becomes McDonalds' new face - Xinhuanet


Goofy Picture of President George W. Bush

Senator Kerry concedes, George W. Bush wins!


The Cyborg Name Generator:

The Cyborg Name Generator:

Looking for a kewl way to promote yourself with your name? This site offers the ability to create a CYBORG graphics which represents your name. Check it out.

This is the image I created.


Driving Some Traffic Here

In an attempt to get more people to my blog have decided to join BlogSnob. If you haven't already checked this out you should! You simply post a small script code in your blog post and it will drive traffic to your blog and other bloggers. It's a great way to give and receive. You will receive credits each time this script is displayed and loaded on your blog. Each credit you receive equates to 1 view on someone else's blog that is also a BlogSnob member. Why not sign up today!

Online Character Counter

It's Snowing!!!

The First Snow Fall

Today brought the first snow fall to the area. I am so happy. I love the snow and can't wait for it to actually start accumulating. It snowed for about 2 hours, but it wasn't cold enough, and as soon as it stop it started to melt :(


Princess & Me Posted by Hello


My First Blog

Okay, I have tried blogging before and never kept with it, but this is my time to shine(that was really corny). Any how, I think I should start off by giving a little bio of myself.

Name: Mike
Age: 24
Sex: Male (just in case anyone was confused)
Sexual Preference: Bi-Sexual
Height: 5' 8"
Eyes: Hazel
Weight: 177
Marital Status: Married (I know I should be more faithful)
Children: NONE(not so much in the mood for them)

If you read it all above, you see I am bi. I wouldn't say I am "out." I have been with one guy before, but it was a three way with another girl, so technically I have never just been with a guy alone before. Yes, I am married, and prehaps I am being a little unfaithful, look at it as you like.

I enjoy meeting new people online and chatting. I have never had the desire to go and meet anyone in person, and I probably never will. I have an okay marriage. We have been married for 2 years. You may ask, why are you married if you are not completely happy, well that question comes with a very long answer, best left for a time when I can talk your ear off for a long time.

Well enough of the love life shit. I am 24 and I love roller blading, hiking and camping. I would throw in rock climing too, but since my boys from high school are no longer around the area this is something I don't do much any more, but I still have all my equipment. I love downhill skiing too...but the wifey doesn't like to do that, so that is yet another thing I don't do much anymore either. I guess all I really do anymore is just work and sleep and eat. That is part of the reason I am unhappy in this marriage. We used to be outgoing, but now we do nothing together.

I currently work at a convience store. I hate this job, it sucks. I wish I had finished college, but the story that goes with this also has to do with why I am still married even though I am not completely happy :<>

Well I think I have babbled enough. If you are looking for someone who has a few issues, and you are either able to overlook them or help with them, feel free to email me and we can start chatting or something.